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What's New at the ISN Site


We've worked long and hard to catch up. We're not quite there but here are 14 new vids from the end of 2261. Several from 421, 501, In the beginning and the Gathering will be coming. Also, ISN has been listed as one of Total TV's Top 10 Babylon 5 sites.


Take a look at the vids from 2261. We just put up 7 new vids from the middle to end of the year. More are on their way.


ISN Netowrk has been selected by the Best of Babylonia judges as one of the best websites devoted to Babylon 5!
Best of Babylonia Website Award


Six more to keep you happy. Three from Conflicts of Interest and three from Rumors, Bargains and Lies. See the vids from 2261.


Just added 5 new vids from Lines of Communication. Check 'em out! Sorry for the long delay, I've been spending most of my time developing the new ISN look.


ISN has moved and can now begin to grow again. Look for the Name That Frame contest to startup again, and of course for many new movies.
Unfortunately, we have lost our Australian Mirror. However this new server will deliver data at a speed of 155 megabits! We at ISN would like to thank all of those who offered to mirror us in the US and to who is our new host.

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