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Making the Vids
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ISN has received many questions about how we make our vids. The following pages can be used as a sort of manual if you wish to make your own vids.
Let us regress...

  • Avid VideoShop v3.0.2
  • Apple QuickTime v2.1
  • Apple MoviePlayer v2.1
  • (optional) Apple Internet Movie Tool

  • Power Macintosh 7500/100 (A/V ready)
  • 3 Gig hard drive
  • 48MB RAM
  • VCR
  • 3 RCA Cables - connect VCR to computer (1 for video, 2 for stereo)
This my personal set-up, however, the hard drive and RAM requirements may differ according on the amount and quality of video you wish to record. If you have enough RAM, over 100MB for example, you can record right to RAM. An S-Video VCR is also preferable, in that case you will need a connector for that.
Of course the bestquality would come from a laser disc player - whatever is in your price range (or what you've already got!)
The following instructions are geared for Mac users. Even if you don't own a Mac or don't have the capabilities to record videos the instructions contain screen shots which you may get a kick out of - these are ISN trade secrets If you have any questions, see any mistakes, or have any tips for ISN please use the Comm Channel.